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Project Management Tool Service

Help you utilize and optimize your project management tool to achieve its purpose

Make the Most Out of Your Tool

Starting using a project management tool can be easy but actualizing its purposes can be quite challenging. We help our clients select the right tool, establish the project structures, standardize their input formats, and produce the dashboards that the management team needs.

The Common Problems

You might be facing some of these challenges as well:
  • Lack of common standard 
    Different teams have their own ways of using the tool based on their own nature of work
  • Difficult to track progress 
    Since different teams have their own definition of “status,” it is hard to gauge their performance and achievement
  • No big picture dashboard 
    When definitions of statuses vary, it is difficult to produce a meaningful dashboard to see the high-level progress of all projects
  • Unable to optimize the tool 
    Lack the time to investigate and study how to use all the features of the tool efficiently

Our Approaches

End-to-End Implementation

Understand your projects and design how to manage them in your tool.

On-Demand Training

On-demand training sessions for different groups of your users.

What We Deliver

A unified and efficient way of using your tool for all your teams
Dashboards that management can finally use to understand project results
Unlock all the features your team should be using

Our Clients

Our Tools

ClickUp is one of the most popular project management tools due to its flexibility, offering multiple views, multi-level tasks, and great integrations. is one of the most talked-about project management tools. It offers a friendly and familiar UI to users, using columns to organise projects and tasks flexibly.
Zoho Projects is one of the advanced tools that give you additional features like budget control and workload management. It is also integrated with other Zoho products.

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